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Financial Services

There are a range of services that every individual needs at some time or the other. However you often need an experienced guide. So we have tied up with these service providers to get you the most cost effective deals. These all all money back deals where we ensure that you get paid by the service provider else we pay you.

Buying A House

home-purchaseThis is probably the biggest investment that you will do in this decade. Often enough one does not have a clue about which builder to buy from and what property to look at. A bad builder will not only delay a project but will also sell a sub standard unit that will be an eyesore. Here is where we come in. Having spoken to over 80% of the builders in Delhi NCR, we have been able to get valuable data that will help you decide what is best for you. Our experts will help you understand the industry, the players and give you previous data and help you locate a house withing your budget. You will then be driven to various sites of your choice and we will arrange meetings directly with the builder and help you negotiate unbeatable prices. Once you decide to book, we will offer to payback upto 1% of the Basic sale price or get the amount reduced by the builder. Because we bring substantial customers, builders are more amenable to negotiate better rates with us than with an individual customer. Should there be more people looking at investing with the same builder we will pass on the group discount. Because we are based in NOIDA, our services are available in the NCR region only. Due to ethical reasons we do not get into resale of completely build properties but can give valuable advice.

Home Loan

home-loanWe have tied up with HDFC and ICICI Bank to help you get Home loans. We will send the bank representative to collect filled application forms after explaining the process. If you have booked a home through us 50% of the processing fee will be paid back to you on disbursal of the loan amount.


insuranceA lot of us invest in insurance withough understanding the full implications of the product. We send a person from LIC to your doorstep. The person will explain all products and guide you in choosing the right product for yourself. Because LIC is a Govt. of India body, there is no chance of you being mislead. For some plans, upto 25% of the 1st years premium will be paid back to you.