It is rightly said that a change in career is the next most stressful event in a person's life - loss of a spouse being the first.  At New Vistas we make every attempt to remove the transition effortless and less stressful.

We discuss with each candidate their career aspirations and skills. To ensure that candidates fit a role we carry out a rigorous assessment, which at times is more rigorous that what the hiring organization will do.

While we provide our services only to handful of organisations, being in the market we are aware of hiring trends and are able to share inputs we are aware of the companies who are currently recruiting & guide aspirants accordingly. This advice is free and can be availed of by anyone.

For current vacancies visit, http://www.naukri.com/alljobs/job/parser1.php
and type "new vistas" in the keyword field.

It is said that the first impression is the last. An interview is normally a 30-minute (sometimes even shorter) interaction, which can either get you the job or make you loose it.

Most of us go through at most 10 interviews in our life. With our experience we share with you what it takes to be successful in an interview. Be it tips on the way you dress or solutions to the 40 or so commonly asked question, our 8 hour program is the key to success. This program is currently offered both to individuals and educational institutions. To know more mail at naheed@nvistas.com


Mentoring Services

Candidates desirous of seeking a career mentor may avail of our mentoring services. Under this service a partner at New Vistas is designated as a “life time career mentor” for the individual. The mentor assists the mentee in planning his or her career, in making career choices, in discussing work related issues and providing a third party viewpoint.

The mentee and mentor relationship is a long term one and would span several years, in most cases would last the mentee’s entire career.

To know more about our mentoring services please mail to rajesh@nvistas.com 


A resume is a synopsis of your skills, experience and achievements. A well-written resume enables you to be short listed for an opening. A good resume ensures that employers take notice of your achievements.

Essential requirements for the job must be highlighted, and items that are not of interest to the role must be played down. Having said that, it often requires an expert to guide your in this task. Our experts can help you to write your resume. To know how you can avail of our resume writing services write to shazia@nvistas.com  


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